Male Hot Wax

For the majority of men out there waxing can be a little daunting, but fret ye not – at Margot, our team of waxing consultants will discuss your options with you and walk you through the entire process, whether you’re a waxing regular or not.

We use hot wax for underarm and intimate areas and a choice of hot or strip wax for others. Hot wax is far more gentle than strip wax and has longer lasting results.

In Australia waxing is a way of life and nothing beats finding a new hair removal method that is both comfortable and good for your skin.

So how does it work? The hot wax method doesn’t use strips to remove hair but hardens and grips hold of the hair, allowing your waxing therapist to pull back the wax removing the hair. This method causes less trauma and damage to skin on those sensitive areas. Simple isn’t it?

At Margot we use Outback Organics, who specialise in great products that are packed full of skin pleasing ingredients for before, during and after your wax.


* If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment please allow at least 24 hours notice. Terms and Conditions