Facials Emily Newson

For the times you feel like your face needs a little break and your skin could use some help, discover the Emily Newson Facial.

The carefully curated facials performed by Emily will make your skin feel and look brightened and renewed.

The products used for these facials are all-natural, made from scratch with love and  hand mixed in sunny Suffolk

“Emily’s skilled hands the whole time massaging my face in a circular upward motion – once I was carefully moisturised with our old friend vitamin E coupled with the Aloe, peach kernels and macadamias this ol’ face of mine felt – and frankly looked – revived, revitalised and dare I say it, lifted – yes, a glow that had eluded me for many a year was very definitely there”

Read about Emily Newson’s facials here, as told by one of our lovely clients.


* If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment please allow at least 24 hours notice. Terms and Conditions