Sparkle this Fireworks Eve And All Of November

Your definitive guide to winter beauty The sparkly season is upon us with fireworks night and the festivities not far behind, there’s no better time to add a little extra glimmer to your glamour. OPI Comet in the Sky Nail your November sparkle Give fireworks night a run for its money with a gorgeous sparkler-inspired [...]

Get Autumn Under Way With Margot London

We never let the inevitable season changes get us down, not when there’s always a host of new looks to get your hands on. Yes, autumn might mean covering up a little more to be cosy and dry and it does mean making the most of what skin you do have on show! Here’s some […]

Get a beautiful Margot manicure at home!

To celebrate the launch of our exciting new OPI Infinite Shine products and treatments, we thought we’d share some Margot knowledge nuggets with you in the form of a beautiful at home OPI manicure. Here’s a little step-by-step guide from us gals at Margot for the perfect manicure behind closed doors - after all, we [...]