Everything you need to know about microblading with Margot London

Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like to introduce you to microblading: “An embroidery of trompe l’œil strokes that look just like real hairs” as Julie Schott from ELLE said.

When you’ve tried drawing your eyebrows every day at your home, and your brows are still sparse, microblading -a more permanent solution to any style brows- is the last-ditch-effort treatment that promises to change your brow life.

We spoke to Sarah, Margot London Beauty Director, who gave us all the tips and hints about the microblading beauty treatment and after our talk, we understood why so many women and beauty gurus love it.

“I no longer have to worry about my brows. Since the treatment I haven’t had to touch them once. I haven’t needed to pencil or draw them in so it is one less thing to worry about!”

– Sarah from Margot London.

What exactly is Microblading?

Microblading is a method of applying semi-permanent make-up. What microblading creates is a cut that the specialist dyes into, so it is a kind of tiny thin slice to make sharp and crisp individual strokes. It is different from regular tattoos as the ink is inserted into the upper layer of the skin rather than into the deep dermis.

The effects of the microblading are outstanding making beauty gurus obsessed with this semi-permanent eyebrow treatment and the best part of it is; the results can last up to two years.

Preparing your skin before microblading

One week before your appointment you should avoid plucking or waxing your brows. You should also avoid exfoliators and creams that contain retinol. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or if you have a critical medical condition, we recommend to call us for consultation prior booking arrangements. We can help you with any doubt you may have.

How to book for microblading?

To get your own microblading semi-permanent brow look, book an appointment with Margot London by visiting our shop in Crouch End or by booking online.

The total fee is £250, and a deposit fee of £50 is required to reserve your place. The remaining £200 is payable on the day of your treatment. If you have any enquiries, please call us at 020 83475012.

What will the process be like?

1) After your booking is secured, the specialist will call you for a phone consultation and will send a pigment test to your address. The specialist will request a photo of your natural eyebrows (no makeup or tinting) that you can quickly send by email.

2) During your appointment, you will sit comfortably to discuss colours and shapes, so there is no surprise! The specialist will work with your consent at every stage of the microblading treatment.

3) Everything is taken new out of the packaging in front of the client – so entirely sterile.

4) The specialist will start first by drawing a shape on your eyebrows.

5) The specialist will put a numbing cream on to minimise any pain.

6) The treatment takes a couple of hours, so make space on your agenda and relax.

About our Microblading specialist

At Margot London, specialists always wear gloves throughout the entire process. Jenna, our microblading specialist, has been also trained at Tracie Giles Knightsbridge – the leaders in semi-permanent makeup.


For optimum results, we recommend that you should not get your brows wet for a week. We do not recommend vigorous exercise, hot yoga etc. Your brows must not be exposed to the sun in that week.

After three to four weeks of the treatment, you will get a final top-up which is included in the price.