Spray tanning routine for winter travellers

If you’re travelling somewhere exotic this winter let Margot London prepare your skin with a professional spray tanning treatment.

Getting away from the grey dreary skies of London to soak up the sun is a great way to shorten the winter. A spray tan gives you a beautiful sun-kissed glow without damaging your skin.

At Margot London, we use only the finest cruelty-free products to give you that perfect golden glow. This is a far safer way to tan with no need to expose your delicate skin to harmful UV rays.

Exposing your body to strong UV light especially if you have fair skin can cause lasting skin damage.

How to protect your skin while still looking fabulous on the beach

The best way to look great without turning crimson on the first day of your holiday is by investing in a spray tanning treatment before you travel. If you’re going to the Maldives you’ll arrive with an attractive summer glow.

Just right for your first day on the beach! Why not visit us at Margot London and let one of our therapists recommend the best solution for your skin type and colour.

Maldives beach resortsTips to prepare your skin for tanning

If you’ve been hiding under layers, the skin on your legs and feet may benefit from exfoliation. This removes dead skin and helps your spray tan last a lot longer.

Our LDN:SKINS exfoliator gently eliminates dead skin while nourishing and revitalising it. If you’re waxing your legs allow at least 48 hours for the pores to close. Open pores can result in unsightly dark spots.

How spray tanning works

If this is your first spray tanning treatment you can rest assured that our therapists here at Magot London will welcome you on your first visit. They will ensure you get a beautiful tan that suits your complexion with no patches or streaking.

You will have the option of either our 8-hour tan or for those of you in a hurry our Express tan. This takes just 2 hours to develop.

A very fine mist is sprayed from a nozzle onto your skin. You can wear a bikini if you want, but you will get lines on all covered areas.

Avoid wearing deodorant and take any jewellery off before your session. If you’re opting for an 8-hour tan avoid showering or bathing for at least 8 hours after. This allows time for your tan to fully develop.

Spray tanning aftercare

Our therapists will advise you on aftercare to make sure your tan lasts longer. Why not treat yourself and take home some of our cruelty-free LDN:SKINS products? They’re made from pure natural ingredients including some of the finest essential oils. They will not only nourish and protect your skin but keep it looking bronzed and beautiful.

Book your spray tan treatment at Margot London.

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