The AlumierMD Red Carpet Facial is aptly named

The AlumierMD Red Carpet Facial is aptly named. A week after the treatment, after sticking to the post-treatment regimen, my skin was ready for Hollywood.

The treatment itself was a dream, think less spa and more science. At each stage, my therapist was informing me about what she was doing, why she was doing it and most importantly the effect it would have on my skin! At no point was I left in the dark about what was happening (even though I had my eyes closed the whole time!).

Before the treatment, you fill out a few quick forms regarding your skin type and then take a Fitzpatrick Classification Questionnaire. Though this may sound complicated, it’s just to determine what skin type you have and when the best time for the treatment would be.

The facial is optimum when you haven’t been in the sun for a while. I’m not talking about walking around outside when it’s sunny, I mean sunbathing on the beach or going to the sunbed. So if you’re looking to book this facial for a special occasion… Be warned! You may be delayed depending on how recently you’ve been sun bound.

Once the facial is finished, you receive a Post Treatment Care Pack which includes the Alumier SensiCalm Cleanser, Intensive Recovery Balm and SPF Hydration Cream. It’s suggested that only these products are used for 5-7 days after your treatment, though my pack lasted MUCH longer than that!

By using these products, you’re encouraging your face to heal properly through hydration. My therapist and the Post Treatment Instructions were clear that my skin wouldn’t peel as such, but rather it may become dry and flaky in specific areas. I was expecting much more than the odd few specks that appeared.

The first two days after the treatment my face was incredibly dry, but I just kept applying the Intensive Recovery Balm and by day four my skin was as smooth as it had been when I walked out of the salon.

Would I recommend this treatment…YES! It was an incredibly soothing experience and the results were absolute perfection. If you don’t want to book the facial as you’re worried about your skin, consultations are currently FREE! So there really isn’t any excuse!