Facial Awareness

There is no getting away from the fact that the older the visage gets, the more attention – or at least moisturiser – it needs.
We’re all suckers for a great ad campaign, if it says anti-aging, surely, it’ll do what it says on the tin? Well, honestly I think as I advance with vigour towards my twilight years, the placebo of many a product has ceased to fulfil its promises.

Look, I was never one for face fixers and cheeky maintenance but recently, plastic surgery started to become more appealing. Or at least was until I heard of Emily’s revolutionary uplifting (literally) and skin-buzz inducing facials.

So the next-stop-papery consistency of my golden oldie chops had little left to lose (bar a small amount of remaining elasticity) and everything to gain.

I surrendered my cynicism at the door of Margot London and bedded down on fluffy white towels and closed my saggy lids.
Emily, deft of hand, explained easily as she worked, the content of her all-natural products. She truly believes in all the ingredients and all her products are hand mixed in sunny Suffolk. Made with love, from scratch.

So, first came the kindly facial scrub, with Aloe Vera, papaya, vitamin E and 20 of those essential amino acids to stimulate my skin. My skin tingled with delight and I relaxed further into the white fluffiness of the treatment room.

Then my newly excited skin succumbed to the floral calm of the facial toner – some oddities (asparagus, soya beans) notwithstanding – the sheer joy of the rose, geranium and lavender sent me drifting off to my happy place.

Emily’s skilled hands the whole time massaging my face in a circular upward motion – once I was carefully moisturised with our old friend vitamin E coupled with the Aloe, peach kernels and macadamias this ol’ face of mine felt – and frankly looked – revived, revitalised and dare I say it, lifted – yes, a glow that had eluded me for many a year was very definitely there.

I left fully refurbished and ready for my close up – and make-up free, so confident was I.

So now I have a new expense in my life, but one that does EXACTLY what is says on the tin. The Facial. No; The Emily Newson Facial. I defy you not to love it.

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