Get a beautiful Margot manicure at home!

To celebrate the launch of our exciting new OPI Infinite Shine products and treatments, we thought we’d share some Margot knowledge nuggets with you in the form of a beautiful at home OPI manicure. Here’s a little step-by-step guide from us gals at Margot for the perfect manicure behind closed doors – after all, we don’t all have time to hit the salon – do we!?

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Step one – soak your nails

In order to get those cuticles looking fresh you’ll need to soak your nails in lukewarm water for at least 5-minutes to soften and loosen them, ready to be pushed back.

If you want to do it like the pros, instead of soaking, apply OPI Avoplex Exfoliating Cuticle Treatment to cuticles and massage in. This contains AHA’s to soften the cuticle and gently exfoliate. This is a great product to use on a weekly basis to prevent hangnails and keep the cuticles in tip-top condition.

Step two – shaping

In order to get that lovely round/flat nail shape finish you’ll need a nail file. File your nails in either left or right directional movements and remember not to file in both directions. This will gently tidy the free edge and prevent peeling. File down to your desired length and shape. If you don’t know what you’d like, head online for some inspiration, the internet has tonnes of inspiring nail art blogs to whet your creative whistle.

Step three – your cuticles

If you’re cuticles are looking a little unruly then it’s time for a little nail TLC. When you head to the salon for a manicure you’ll often see your beauty therapist nipping your cuticles, but unless you’re a seasoned manicurist, we’d only recommend pushing them back, not nipping. By simply pushing your cuticles back you can make them look lovely and neat without risking nipping too much cuticle off, leaving sore skin and knicks.

To effectively push your cuticles back you’ll need to get your hands on a cuticle pusher tool, which you can easily buy at your local chemist. Use the curved, shovel looking side of the tool to push your cuticles back, from the top of your nail to its base. If there is any cuticle left on your nail buffing is the answer. Using a buffer, gently swipe from side to side of the nail, smoothing any imperfections and preventing the free edge of the nail from peeling.

Step four – base coat

Before you apply your base coat, make sure all the dust from filing is completely removed by washing your hands or giving them a wipe down. Once you’ve done that, apply one coat of our OPI Infinite Shine prime varnish and leave until fully dried and solid.
opi thin coats

Step five – lacquer

Over your prime varnish, paint on a coat of OPI Infinite Shine lacquer in your favourite colour, once dry, apply another coat and wait 2 minutes before applying your top coat.


Step six – gloss

Once everything is dry, add a touch of glamour to your look and paint over your lacquer with one coat of our OPI Infinite Shine gloss varnish and leave to dry!

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Hey presto! There you have it, your very own OPI Infinite Shine at home manicure in 6 easy steps.

If the sound of all this at home beauty is just too much – book your OPI Infinite Shine mani/pedi today!


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